Slea Head Tour

Take a guided tour Of the Dingle Peninsula

Guided Tours of the Dingle Peninsula

Slea Head Tour

Take a tour of the Dingle Peninsula with Dingle Coaches.

We will take you to some of the most Magical places on the planet. full of archaeological sites and a wealth of history going back thousands of years. Come and explore with us

Dunquin Harbour on the Dingle Peninsula

Highlights of the Slea Head Dingle Peninsula Tour

Dingle Town: Slea Head Tour with Dingle Coaches

Dingle Town

Charming coastal town with colorful streets and lively pubs.

Eask Tower

Historic lookout tower offering panoramic views of the peninsula

Dingle Harbour
Standing Stones

St. Brendan Stones

Legendary standing stones associated with the Irish explorer St. Brendan.

Beehive Huts & pet lambs

Ancient stone dwellings used by early Christian monks and experience traditional farming life (payable to the farmer)

Beehive Huts Dingle
Ogham Stones

Ogham Stones

Carved stone pillars inscribed with Ireland’s oldest form of writing.

Prehistoric Dunbeg Promontory Fort

Stone fort dating back to the Iron Age.

Beehive Huts
Slea Head

Views at Slea Head Rocks

Stunning coastal vistas from one of Ireland’s most western points. (weather permitting)

Blasket Islands

Remote archipelago known for its rugged beauty and literary history.

Blasket Islands
Sleeping Giant: Blasket Islands

Sleeping Giant

Natural rock formation resembling a reclining giant.

Coummenole Beach

Spectacular cliffs and coastal scenery along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Coumeenole Beach
Gallarus Oraratory: Slea Head Tour

Gallarus Oratory

Iconic 12th-century stone church known for its remarkable dry-stone construction.

Kilmalkedar Church

Historic medieval church featuring ancient Celtic crosses and stone carvings.

Kilmalkedar Church
Conor Pass: Dingle Slea Head Tour

Conor Pass

Scenic mountain pass offering breathtaking views of the peninsula and surrounding countryside

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